The interview of our new managing director Mark Jaekel in the new issue of ECO.NOVA

In thenew issue of the business magazine ECO.NOVA, our new managing director Mark Jaekel introduces himself. In the interview he talks about his career and his goals as the new managing director of the real estate company Tirol Real Estate.

After his studies in Germany, Mark worked as a salesman at Peek & Cloppenburg to supplement the household budget. After graduating as a civil engineer, the initial sales job turned into his first full-time permanent position. After two instructive years in central sales management and initial experience in a managerial role as a store manager in Germany, he moved to Slovakia in 2009. In his role as store manager, he oversaw the Bratislava location and was able to support Peek & Cloppenburg's expansion from there. After further internal group projects, he was drawn to Austria for Peek & Cloppenburg. First to Vienna and from 2012 for five years to beautiful Innsbruck, as a store manager at Kaufhaus Tyrol.

Mark Jaekel moved to Tyrol because of his profession and his attachment to the mountains and especially to mountain sports. In 2015 he married his wife, in 2016 his son was born and in 2017 his daughter. Many milestones in his life are directly related to Tirol.

His goal for Tirol Real Estate is to implement his manager group know-how tostand out from the competition.

"I WANT TO BE MUCH MORE OF A CONCEPT Maker than a CONCEPT T aker" - is his target vision.

He sees potential in the area of digitalization and scalability. Communication needs to be placed on a new, digital foundation and existing structures need to be developed further and rethought in parts.

"At Tirol Real Estate, there is a good working atmosphere and a noticeable agility. That is the basic prerequisite for good things to come into being. " - Mark Jaekel

Source: Current issue of business magazine eco.nova