Real estate marketing refers to the process of selling or renting real estate, including residential and commercial properties. It is an important part of the real estate business where real estate agents and landlords or sellers work together to approach potential buyers or tenants, negotiate contracts and close transactions.

We understand that selling or renting a property is an important decision, so we want to assure you that we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

As experts in real estate marketing, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully sell or rent your property. We will first conduct a professional appraisal of your property to ensure it is offered at a fair market price. We will then create an informative exposé that highlights the key features of your property and is attractively designed.

We use a variety of online and offline marketing channels to target potential buyers and organize viewings to give prospective buyers the opportunity to see the property on site. Throughout the process, we are available to answer questions and provide advice.

As experienced real estate agents, we are also able to assist in negotiating and finalizing contracts and ensuring that all legal aspects are considered. We will help make the selling or leasing process as smooth as possible and ensure that your interests are protected at all times.

We look forward to working with you to successfully market your property. If you have any further questions or would like to engage our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marketing a property is an important main task of a real estate agent.

Our real estate marketing services include:

  • request for all relevant documents
  • professional preparation of the property
  • our properties are presented on six renowned online portals
  • presentation on our website, as well as in our shop window in the best inner city location of Innsbruck
  • Creation of informative photos & virtual 3D tour
  • bound glossy exposé
  • interactive exposé
  • print media
  • presentation on all social media channels
  • short videos
  • visualizations

At Tirol Real Estate, we work closely with our partner Building Brands in this area and can therefore offer you an even broader range of services for marketing your property.

At BUILDING BRANDS, we are revolutionizing the way real estate is marketed in the digital age. Our approach combines data-driven analytics with creative content creation to not only showcase properties, but transform them into desirable brands. Find out how we achieve this.

Targeted marketing for real estate

Our main goal is to present real estate online in such a way that it not only attracts attention, but is also noticed by the right target group. Through a combination of precise target group analysis, tailored content creation and strategic use of online platforms, we ensure that every property is present exactly where potential buyers are looking.

Our specialized services

  • Data-oriented target group analysis: We use user behavior and data tracking to determine who exactly is the right target group for your property.

  • Where do we find potential buyers? After defining the target group, we determine the most effective channels to reach this target group.

  • Creating sales-promoting creatives: We produce engaging content such as reels, YouTube shorts and dynamic ads that attract the attention of your target group.

  • User behavior and data analysis: Understanding user behavior is at the heart of our strategy. We analyze which content generates leads and which does not in order to achieve optimal results.

  • Automated, converting communication: The leads generated receive automated, persuasive messages and emails that encourage action.

  • Continuous optimization and live dashboard: We constantly optimize our strategies based on the data we collect and provide you with a live dashboard for real-time insights and analysis.

Our promise

BUILDING BRANDS offers a holistic marketing solution for real estate in the digital world. Our specialized services ensure that every property is not only seen, but also perceived as desirable by the right target group. We are not just your marketing partner; we are your strategic ally in the digital age.

In today's fast-paced digital world, it is more important than ever that real estate is marketed correctly. BUILDING BRANDS is at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative strategies and creative solutions to not only showcase real estate, but transform it into desirable brands. Get in touch with us to find out how we can put your property in the focus of the right target group. In the dynamic environment of digital real estate marketing, BUILDING BRANDS stands out with a unique combination of data-driven analysis, creative content creation and continuous optimization. Find out how we can put your property in the focus of the right target group and turn it into a desirable brand.

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