The time in the chalet becomes an unforgettable holiday!



The time spent in the chalet will be an unforgettable vacation! - Whether it's a family vacation with the kids or a skiing and romantic vacation for lovers and couples.

Theluxurious chalets with your alpine style offer the ideal retreat in nature in winter and a feeling of coziness and security. The word chalet means "protected place" and promises this to you and your family. They are usually equipped with fireplaces, rustic furniture and extravagant whirlpools with a unique view of the dreamlike, snow-covered mountains.

Especially in Tyrol you can find many beautifully and exclusively equipped luxury chalets in quiet locations or even directly on the ski slopes.


Meaning Chalet


Originally, the word "chalet" originates from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and derives from the Latin "cala", which means "protected place". In earlier times, chalets were just that - rustic, one-story mountain huts, used as retreats by cattle ranchers. However, in the 19th century, the European aristocracy found interest in such small, chic and modern huts, and built them into their own luxurious estates. Subsequently, from the 20th century, the chalet spread as a country house, built of natural wood - especially in Switzerland, Austria and the rest of the Alpine region.

Therefore, the chalets are cozy but spacious and luxuriously furnished, the chalets today are a very special vacation accommodation.


Vacation in a chalet - but in which one?


There are different types of chalets - the rustic and simply furnished as well as luxury chalets with extravagant furnishings. Some are in a secluded location, others are in a smaller alpine village, by a lake or directly on a ski slope. Some chalets are suitable for romantics, others for the vacation with family and if the dog is also present, then there is also the possibility to book a chalet where your beloved four-legged friends are also.



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