Our managing partner Michael Karlinger has his place in this year's edition of the Britishpedia encyclopedia.

"It is a firmly rooted tradition in human history to record biographies of outstanding personalities for posterity."


Successful People in Germany and Austria publishes biographies of leaders and high achievers in our society once a year.

In addition to other well-known personalities such as the journalist Günther Jauch and the former automobile racing driver Michael Schumacher, our managing partner Michael Karlinger also finds his place in this year's edition of the Britishpedia encyclopedia.

Inclusion is only possible through recommendations. The subsequent selection is made by an independent committee. The criterion for inclusion is the provision of a valuable contribution to our society. These are opinion leaders, executives and high achievers in Europe.

The edition itself has a luxurious and prestigious look: Bordeaux red Cabra leather binding, thread stitching, embossed name and three-sided gilt edges.

Historically, the encyclopedia looks back on a 160-year tradition. In 1849, the first encyclopedia of persons under the name Who's Who was devoted to the British royal family, the high nobility, politicians, judges and officers. In 1897, the first modern work by the Black cousins appeared in England. At that time, biographies of personalities from various professions were already being published. The goal of Successful People is to develop a renowned encyclopedia about successful people and a modern online network, which corresponds to today's zeitgeist.

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate our managing partner Michael Karlinger on his success and to thank him for his valuable contribution to society and our company.